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About us

Why Choose us..?

At ABS we believe in the power of relationships and understand that our word is only good as our service. We realize we are not only a company asking to haul your freight, so by choosing ABS you are choosing to become a member of our family. From the first handshake of a new partnership, we are with you every step of the way working everyday to earn your respect all over again. As a member of our family, one of our main goals and concerns is your safety. Our answer is simple. We don't succeed unless you succeed. Join ABS, let's grow together.


Welcome to ABS Trucking

ABS Trucking & Trailers Inc. is a part of ABS group of companies. ABS Group started with the opening of its major firm ABS Trucking Ltd in 1995. With Its own fleet of 65 trucks & trailers, and an additional 200+ subcontractors ABS Trucking Ltd is one of Alberta’s largest Trucking companies. Building on this success ABS has expanded with the creation of its Truck and Trailer parts division “ABS Trucking & Trailers”. With this expansion ABS will continue to serve the heavy-duty industry with its premium selection of truck and trailer parts and professional staff. ABS Trucking is recognized far and wide for its brilliant hauling capabilities. It is a one-stop shop for all sorts of aggregate, soil, rocks, etc. Approach us for all your trucking needs, Tandem, End Dump, Tri Dump,  Quad Wagon, Flat Bed. Hosting a team of skilled managers, professional drivers and competent operators in Edmonton. For more info Contact us 780.937.3777 or email us We do understand that your freight is time sensitive and if any barrier arises which could delay the freight delivery must be resolved immediately that is why our drivers are always on on-going training and we make them efficient enough to solve the problem if any rises on the way of delivering your goods. We are here only with a motive to serve our clients with best freight services and assist them with excellent customer care support. You can rely on us for delivering your products on time with safety and professionally. ABS TRUCKING carry $5,000,000 of both General and Automobile Liability Insurance, and maintain active Worker's Compensation Board accounts in all three western provinces. As a result of it's membership and participation in the Workers' Compensation Board - Alberta "Partners in Injury Reduction" initiative, We holds a "Certificate of Recognition" (COR) issued by Alberta Human Resources and Employment. The Trucking/Logistics industry is a valuable contributor to the Canadian economy growing over the past decade to be the most important mode of commercial transportation in the country. More goods move by truck than by rail and air combined throughout North America.

The success of ABS Trucking is based on multiple levels of partnerships that require teamwork, to include customers, agents, owner- operators and employees. Each stage in our growth has brought challenges and rewards. We find new friends and established loyal customers. Every day our company is entrusted with the job of carrying other people's property. Companies that have staked everything to produce their goods turn to us to safely deliver them, on time, to their customers. We do not take this trust lightly. Our team of drivers, maintenance, and office staff seek to deliver on the trust that has been placed in us. We are a team. We work together. We encourage each other. And we enjoy each challenge while we grow stronger together.


Our Mission

It is the mission of ABS Trucking Ltd to maintain our founding principle of respect for both customers  and drivers by serving them in the safest, most dependable and expedient manner at all times. Our vision is to build long term relationships for the mutual benefit of our customers and our community by becoming not just a trucking company, but a trucking family. It is our mission to meet the needs of our customers through prompt, reliable service and communication. At all times, we act to ensure the safety of our workers and the public. We strive to achieve a professional and motivated work place based on honesty, reliability and efficiency, which will ensure that our team works to its greatest potential. We work together to build a positive and forward thinking environment with the result that our hard work and determination will be mutually profitable for our customers, suppliers and employees. ABS TRUCKING works hard to ensure that owner operators have an abundance of freight and excellent rates. Our strategic terminal network makes finding return loads easier and quicker. In addition, we try to maximize your time and get you home on the weekends. To promote your success, there are several customized programs for our independent contractors. Our company is committed to safety. Drivers who meet our safety and productivity guidelines are eligible to participate in our new quarterly Safety Incentive Program. Drivers who meet specific eligibility criteria will be paid an additional percentage of their gross revenue. Please note that Specialty Drivers are paid a flat rate based on years of service and eligibility criteria. You get weekly settlements, and ABS Trucking pays all road and fuel taxes. Our independent contractors have access to a variety of insurance programs.

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